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Unlocking Opportunities: My Journey with the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce

How GLAAAACC's Business Evolution Program Empowers African American Businesses in Los Angeles


In life, there are moments when a single opportunity can change the course of your journey, setting you on a path filled with endless possibilities and growth. For me, that moment arrived when I was accepted into the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce (GLAAAACC) Business Evolution Program, generously sponsored by T-Mobile and Wells Fargo and partially funded through a grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration. This article is a testament to the incredible journey that has unfolded since.

The Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce, or GLAAAACC, is an organization that stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for the African American business community in the sprawling city of Los Angeles. With a title sponsor like T-Mobile and a presenting sponsor like Wells Fargo, it's evident that this program is serious about its mission to support and elevate local businesses. For entrepreneurs like me, GLAAAACC provides a direct and powerful opportunity to connect, learn, and grow within this vibrant and diverse business ecosystem.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this program is the access it offers. GLAAAACC serves as a gateway to a wealth of information and connections, and its role in connecting entrepreneurs to the right resources is truly invaluable. The organization doesn't just stop at providing information; they actively engage in fostering business relationships and partnerships. They serve as accountability partners, ensuring that each participant's growth is not just a possibility but a reality.

My journey with GLAAAACC reached new heights when I had the privilege of participating in a one-on-one meeting with Lily Otieno, the Director of Supply Chain & Diverse Business Enterprise at the Southern California Gas Company, and the Chair of the Business Evolution Program (BEP). This meeting was a revelation, as it shed light on my role as an entrepreneur in Los Angeles and the profound impact I can make on my community.

One of the most powerful takeaways from our conversation was the recognition of the interconnectedness of our business endeavors with the well-being of the Los Angeles community. I realized that as an entrepreneur, I don't operate in isolation but rather as a vital part of the larger tapestry that makes up the city of Los Angeles. My business has the potential to create ripples of positive change, whether it's through job creation, community engagement, or support for local causes.

The real-world application of these insights became apparent when I had the pleasure of visiting 'Taco's Tu Madre' in West Hollywood for Taco Tuesday. Over a delicious meal, I had the opportunity to connect with an emerging transplant from New York City who was eager to find local resources in our community. The interaction was a perfect example of how entrepreneurs in Los Angeles can support one another, creating a network of collaboration and resource-sharing. This was just one small instance of how GLAAAACC's mission to connect people and provide opportunities for growth is tangibly affecting the community.

My journey with the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce is still unfolding, but the impact has been significant. The lessons I've learned, the connections I've made, and the doors that have opened have been nothing short of transformative. I am more motivated than ever to utilize my business not only as a means of personal success but as a vehicle for community empowerment and growth.

For anyone aspiring to make a difference in the business world and the community at large, @GLAAAACC is a shining example of how organizations can bridge the gap between potential and achievement. It is a reminder that in the City of Angels, dreams can indeed come true, especially when there are partners like GLAAAACC, T-Mobile, and Wells Fargo to guide the way. My journey is just beginning, and I can't wait to see where it leads me next in this ever-evolving landscape of opportunities.

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