Founder Skylar Taylor, the black, gay, and disability-owned business boasts brand values of unapologetic diversity and inclusion, as well as the power of intersectionality, striving to provide high-quality, genderless personal care and wellness products made with conscious and performance-based ingredients.

Taylor Melrose has already gained significant and wide-ranging recognition within the beauty industry, being highlighted in prestigious international mainstream media outlets such as British GQ, Vogue, House&Garden, Vanity Fair, Life Magazines UK, and Los Angeles Times. With their line of exceptional products now available on, and customers will now be able to more easily access their carefully crafted skincare solutions.

The brand’s visionary founder has been a highly respected and sought-after leader in the beauty and skincare industries for the last two decades. Taylor’s expertise and drive have been instrumental in driving the growth of Taylor Melrose. His true passion lies in creating a company that champions authenticity and embraces diversity.

Taylor Melrose was founded out of the necessity to create a space where people from all backgrounds could feel supported and empowered. Despite facing obstacles related to equity and
equality, Taylor’s unwavering ambition and commitment to daily excellence have propelled both himself and his company forward.