Press Release: Our Founder Skylar Taylor named Bath & Body Works Mentee for 2023-2024


Skylar Taylor is the visionary leader behind Taylor Melrose LA, a health and beauty line he founded in 2019. With his extensive background as a creative director in creative marketing and experience at a premium beauty brand, Skylar played a role in driving annual sales.

However, he realized that his true passion lay in creating a company that championed authenticity and embraced diversity.

As a Black, Gay, and Disability owned business owner, Skylar understands the importance of building a company culture that
values and celebrates individual differences. He founded Taylor
Melrose LA out of a necessity to create a space where people from all backgrounds could feel supported and empowered.

Skylar's unwavering ambition and commitment to daily excellence have been key drivers of his success. Despite facing obstacles related to equity and equality, Skylar has refused to be held back by societal barriers. Instead, he has used his unique experiences and perspectives to propel himself and his company forward.