Press Release: Our Founder Skylar Taylor named Bath & Body Works Mentee for 2023-2024

About Us

Skylar Taylor Design is a creative branding agency with offices in West Hollywood, California and Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in 2019, Skylar Taylor Design is full-service agency built on experience in tech start ups, beauty & cosmetics, fashion, entertainment, diamond jewelry, and mass market retail.  The team of full-time employees (and a mix of freelancers) has a diverse skill set, providing services ranging from designing brand identity,  graphic design, video production, digital strategy, photo art direction, creative and art direction, digital experience, PR, social media, web design,  print production, sourcing, and packaging design.

The Taylor Melrose brand exists in spaces between gender, ethnicity and identity. From ideation, creation to implementation we deliver products  to utilize the best ingredients and recyclable materials in order to live our slogan: feel the difference. We design Beauty products to be healthful and to bring out the true radiance of all people and all skin tones for a better world. 

As an openly gay and black owned business, Taylor Melrose is built on foundation of diversity and inclusion. We live our commitment to communities of color and those who have been excluded from majority culture. When you partner with Taylor Melrose, you support diversity and inclusion in business, in America, and in the world at large.

A differentiator for Taylor Melrose is our ability to deliver turnkey A to Z contract manufacturing in beauty and cosmetics, soap and lotion.  Whether we are producing our branded line, or delivering white label services within our exiting line, or custom developing for a retailer’s brand, we maintain the same high level of quality, excellence, and sustainability. From ingredients to profiles to packaging, Taylor Melrose is your one-stop provider in these categories.