Facial Cleanser 4 fl oz

For melanin rich skin. This face wash cleanser is as much soothing as invigorating. Featuring tea tree and peppermint oil and an exquisite blend of floral and fruit such as rose and coconut oil. Consciously infused with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Pro-Vitamin B5, Caffeine, and Biotin. Formulated to help lift dirt, dead skin, impurities, and excess oil from your skin, leaving it refreshed and revitalized.

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Taylor Melrose Rose + Coconut Invigorating Facial Cleanser 4 fl oz- Cruelty-Free, Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, Biotin, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint, Caffeine, Vegan, For All Skin Types - Taylor Melrose ®


Hydrating Body Wash 16.9 FL Oz

Indulge in pure luxury with Taylor Melrose Body Wash

Pamper your skin with Taylor Melrose Hydrating Body Wash. This luxurious formula infused with shea butter and vitamin E cleanses your skin gently while providing intense hydration. It is formulated with natural ingredients that help nourish your skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth.



Hydrating Facial Serum

Experience the Power of Taylor Melrose Hydrating Facial Serum

Ultra Facial Serum - 1.93 fl oz quickly absorbs into the skin to provide deep hydration that lasts day to day. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring component of the skin, it may help to retain moisture for an elevated level of softness and suppleness. Boost hydration even further when paired with Taylor Melrose Ultra Hydrating Facial Serum. Scented with Rose Flower Oil and Coconut Oil, it also includes Retinol which works overnight to reduce wrinkles and imparts a youthful radiance. Cruelty-Free.


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Luxurious Skincare Collections for All Skin Types

At Taylor Melrose, we believe that skincare should not be limited to a single skin type or complexion. That's why we bring you a range of skincare collections that cater to every individual's skin needs, from dry and sensitive to oily and acne-prone.

Our skincare collections are made using only the finest natural ingredients, sourced sustainably from around the world. We take pride in using clean and cruelty-free ingredients, ensuring that our products not only nourish your skin but also care for the environment.

From our Rose + Coconut collection to our GenderBlend skincare range, each collection is uniquely designed to target specific skin concerns while providing a luxurious spa experience from the comfort of your own home.

As a Taylor Melrose Beauty Maven, you'll get exclusive access to our new collections, products, and special offers. Join our community of beauty lovers and elevate your beauty regimen with our luxurious skincare collections today.

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