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Leaders of Influence: Thriving in Their 40s 2023 – Skylar Taylor

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Founder; CEO
Taylor Melrose Cosmetics

Taylor Melrose, founded by Skylar Taylor, represents a beacon of inclusivity, diversity and innovation in the beauty industry. Taylor’s remarkable journey as the driving force behind this black, gay and disability-owned brand is characterized by a series of outstanding career accomplishments, making him worthy of exceptional recognition in his field.

One of Taylor’s most significant achievements is the rapid and substantial recognition Taylor Melrose has garnered within the beauty industry. The brand’s presence in esteemed international mainstream media outlets such as Vogue, GQ, and House & Garden is a testament to its impact. This recognition is not just a mere nod but a strong affirmation of the quality and authenticity of Taylor Melrose’s products and the brand’s ethos of celebrating diversity and intersectionality. Taylor’s commitment to crafting high-quality, genderless skincare products made from natural and performance-based ingredients is making waves.

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